The ultimate Guide to buy Best garage door opener in 2019 – Best garage door opener Reviews

The ultimate Guide to buy Best garage door opener in 2019 – Best garage door opener Reviews

In the early 1970s, garage door openers became increasingly successful and now they are in great demand with a plethora of various kinds of automatic garage door openers for both types of garages – residential as well as commercial. Initially, it was a little inconvenient to manually open the door again and again but with the invention of garage door openers, it has now become very easy for us. I recommend calling an expert to help you install a garage door opener. Where safety is required it is best to leave the matters in the hands of the experts.

Let’s learn more about the garage door openers, their types, how they are different from one another and so on. 

The different types of door openers are as follows:

  1. Chain drive
  2. Belt drive
  3. Screw drive

I have provided all the information that you’ll require in choosing the garage door opener that fits you the best.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

The most commonly used best garage door opener is the chain-drive openers as they are comparatively cheaper than the rest. The working of this chain-drive door opener is based on the principle that the garage door will move up and down as and when the chain will ride along with the sprocket.

The only disadvantage of having this door opener is that it makes a lot of noise when compared to others. Over the years, there may be problems in the working of chains, you will have to maintain it on a regular basis.

But overall, the chain-drive door openers are extremely durable and make for a solid garage door opener choice.

Chain Drive Type Garage Door Openers

If you are considering a chain drive garage door opener, there are a few things shown in the the chart above which are worth paying attention to.

First, two of the lowest priced chain drive garage door openers are the Genie models and the only difference between the two is that the Genie 1022-2TX includes two transmitters (three-button remotes) for the additional $10.00.

Genie is a popular brand and either one of these entrance level chain drive garage door openers should work fine for a single seven foot wide or eight foot wide garage door.

Chain Drive Power Capabilities

Generally speaking, newer garage doors are built with lighter weight materials than their older, solid wood or composite material counterparts, and can be opened and closed several times per day without any fear of wearing out the motor.

Chain Drive Warranty Differences

The Chamberlain PD752D and the PD610D are the only chain drive garage door openers which offer the lifetime warranty on the electric motor. The PD752D is also the most expensive opener and also has the highest number of reviews, which usually indicates a higher than average number of sales.

While any of these chain drive garage door openers should offer years of trouble-free service, the PD752D should be considered for larger, heavier double garage doors or whenever longer life of the equipment is important to you.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Rubber belts are used in this type of best garage door opener and as a result, they don’t produce much noise. An added advantage of it is that there will be less vibration as the metal to metal contact will reduce significantly which in turn helps in increasing the life of your garage door opener.

The downside of using these garage door openers is that they are expensive when compared to the chain-drive garage door opener.

Overall, good in terms of lasting but will cost more.  

Screw Drives Garage Door Opener

This garage door opener is quite interesting in itself. It is specially made keeping the changing climate in mind. The maintenance of these kinds of garage door openers are really low and are the best choice as they have less moving parts. 

Now that I have made you aware of the different types of garage door openers. Let me also list down some of the pros and cons of the best garage door opener.

Pros of having a garage door opener
• Having the best garage door opener certainly provides great comfort as you don’t have to manually keep on opening the door again and again. So, unless you love opening and closing it, I’d recommend you to install one in your home.
• It is the best choice for the people who suffer from diseases and finds doing ordinary housework challenging or for that matter even the elderly as the weight of the garage doors are heavy. It can become quite dangerous sometimes for people with weaker bodies.
• We all might have heard theft stories and thieves mostly target the garage. Having an electric garage door opener would be a safer option as they won’t be able to get inside easily. You’ll also be able to put security alarms. Thanks to technology, keeping our houses safe has become really good and easy. The burglaries will be less if you don’t use a hand-operated garage door opener.
• The garage door openers are really cheap and it makes the owners look they are rich to have installed the latest technology in their homes. It looks really classy and has benefits too. So, go on and shop for it.
• There are lots and lots of myths that if we install the door opener then our electricity bill will get high. But trust me on this, it won’t. It will just be an added advantage to your home and will save you from a lot of physical work.

Cons of having a garage door opener 

• The people looking to buy a door opener would take a step back if they calculate the installation charges as they can be quite expensive for some people. Sometimes, people insist on installing on their own but that is not recommended as it can be a complex task and would require a professional to do it. 
• People who have been using garage door openers have often complained that they have to replace the battery to ensure the smooth working of the door. This is definitely a disadvantage as the owners should be okay with replacing the batteries every two years. • Another disadvantage of buying a garage door opener is that they will not work if there is no power supply. So, many of them think if they install a garage door opener it will highly influence their electricity bill as it would work on power only but that is not the case. The bill won’t be as high. Another problem is that if there is power cut-off then the car wouldn’t be able to come out of the garage. 
• The charges of maintaining, repairing and replacing of the parts of door opener will always be running behind. It might end up costing you extra money in the long run because it needs to maintained and repaired, especially the sensitive parts of any device.


In the end, all I would like to say is that installing the best garage door opener would be perfect for people who don’t want to exert their bodies every day. Though there are cons related to this door opener the pros totally outweigh the con. If you are installing a door opener make sure you do it with the help of a professional and read about all of the types of door openers

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