is the first global tokenized platform for car title loans

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About project

The project is part of the global financial technology market. We help creditors, investors and borrowers to maximize the benefits of working with each other without geographical barriers and minimize risks of investments.

The basis of our platform is blockchain technology, collateral assets tokenisation and extensive experience of our experts in the field of secured loans.

— More secure than ordinary Peer-to-Peer.
— More scale than ordinary Car Title loans business.

How it works

The Borrower installs the application on a smartphone and goes through the usual registration procedure for online banks: entering personal data and scanning the passport.

Next, the borrower enters information about his car - the collateral. Here, with the help of the application, the user adds a photo of the vehicle and the car itself

Now the user has full access to the car evaluation function and the calculation of the available loan amount. Based on regional databases, the integrated module SHIFT.Appraisal determines the market value of the car and its liquidity ratio.

In order to get a loan, the user must undergo a verification procedure. This can be done in person at the nearest office or remotely by making a photo of the car with a special QR code installed under the windshield, preprinted on a sheet of A4 paper.

After approval, the borrower gets the money to his account created in the system. Payments can be made with the support of mobile services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Also, you can attach a virtual or plastic card to the account

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About ICO

Company features is a secured loan platform for issuing quick loans secured by car titles with the help of the mechanism of tokenization of collateral. has no geographical barriers. It connects Borrowers who have collateral with Investors around the world due to the simplicity, speed and transparency of the "movement" of assets in the blockchain.

For investors, the platform provides access to work in a growing credit market with a capacity of more than $ 30 billion. Investors can be sure that the return of their investments is secured by highly liquid assets. opens opportunities for obtaining quick loans through access to global finance, and provides the most favorable rates while connecting market participants.

In, the volume of loans secured by a car is greater than in microcredit companies, and the speed of obtaining loans is higher than in a bank. Blockchain utilization

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EVALUATION SERVICE Architecture and SCASH token Ecosystem

Token Sale information

ICO Details

Token tickerSCASH
ICO startsFebruary 5th
ICO endsMarch 31th
Total Supply5 778 000 SCASH
Token price$1
Currencies we acceptETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum contribution0.1 ETH

Tokens distribution

Investors 88.5%
Team 10%
Bounty 1.5%


05.02 - 18.02
1 ETH = 540 SCASH
19.02 - 04.03
1 ETH = 517.5 SCASH
05.03 - 18.03
1 ETH = 495 SCASH
19.03 - 31.03
1 ETH = 472.5 SCASH


The idea is to create an online platform for the issuance of loans secured by cars.
An experienced team of developers and specialists in the field of secured lending has been assembled.
Creation and implementation of the first version of CRM-system in the work of local companies.

The introduction of an improved CRM system in the car dealerships of Germany and France.
Creation of an automated system for assessing collateral car SHIFT.Appraisal.

Replenishment team of highly skilled blokchain developers.
Development of an integrated platform based on blockchain technology.
Opening of branches for work with partners in the USA, Russia and Argentina.
Output of the project to ICO.

Implementing the blockchain architecture to the system / Development of the blockchain module.

Preparation of technical infrastructure for launching in the US, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, South Korea, Japan:
- Integration of the valuation module with local data aggregators of the car market.
- Integration of the scoring unit with local official motor vehicle bases.

Completing the installation of the system on the blockchain platform.
Start connecting local partner companies in the target countries.

Testing the system of issuing loans and interacting with partners.

Preparation of technical infrastructure for launch in target markets of the second stage China, India, Southeast Asia:
- Integration of the valuation module with local automotive data aggregators.
- Integration of the scoring block with local official vehicle bases.

Launching operating activities in target markets of the first stage.

Launching operational activities in target markets of the second stage.

Achieving a dynamic pool of loans within the system - $9 billion.

Our Team

Tomas Novak


Ideologist for creating More than 5 years in the car loan business. Serial entrepreneur. In the track record, such companies as Allianz Versicherungs, Autobelenhung Häfner Gmbh, WeBuyAnyCar.

Eric Hofer


Provide executive leadership as head of global IT. Responsible for all aspects of strategic IT planning, implementation, and support worldwide as an integral component of business plan.

Franz Huber

Blockchain developer

Specialist in developing cross-platform applications. 6+ years of experience as software engineer. 2+ years leading / managing software engineering teams. Expert in: JavaScript, Blockchain, Ethereum/Solidity, Scalability.

Walter Kern

Backend developer

Expert in C++, Java, RDB, Big data, ANNs , Hadoop. 7 years experienced in software development.

Jan Rudolf

Frontend developer

5+ years of experience in developing complex software solutions. Professional in environments: Angular, React, Node.js, RIA Money transfer. Developer in

Fabio Ricci

Project manager

More than 7 years in sales of credit products, as well as in sales of CRM solutions. The expert on the market of the European Union. Worked with project participants in such companies as Deutsche Bank Österreich AG ‎(2010-2013) as part of the loan department, Oracle Austria GmbH - medium-sized business sector.

Martin Steiner


Performance driven marketing executive with over 8 years of experience in development of marketing programs and advertising campaigns in finance and banking. Directed the marketing campaign for GM Corp. in 2013.

Giovanni Dilon

PR and Marketing

An experienced professional in Digital PR, SMM. He has successfully promoted a number of IT projects, as well as a number of FMCG projects, both in Italy and Austria, and global coverage.

+20 team members

Our expertise has a team of experienced specialists working in IT, Client Support, Finance, Marketing&Communication, Business and Product development and others.


Frequently asked questions
We advocate full transparency, so if you don’t see your questions answered in our FAQ, please write us and we’ll get back to you

We accept BTC, ETH and LTC. Do not send ETH from an Exchange or Smart Contract. If you send ETH from an exchange account or smart contract, your tokens will be allocated to the exchange’s ETH account, and you may never receive or be able to recover them.
To buy SCASH with ETH you will need to send a desired amount of ETH to the smart contract address published on the token sale page of the website. for BTC and LTC contribution, signup to create an account to deposit BTC or LTC into the address provided to you in your account.
You will receive tokens immediately after the network has confirmed your transfer of ETH to our Ethereum contract address. For BTC and LTC contributors, you will see your balance in your account on our website. The tokens will be transferred to your Ethereum wallet address provided in your account after ICO.
The minimum contribution accepted during any period of the token distribution is 0.1 ETH in BTC and LTC equivalent for both LTC and BTC contributors as well. Smaller contribution amounts will be rejected.
All funds collected during this sale will be deposited in secured multi-sig wallets. Keys to these wallets will be held by several officers and executives of, so that all outgoing transactions will require verification by multiple trusted officers.
If you contributed with BTC or LTC, you can see your token balance in your profile. If you contributed with ETH and you don't see your token balance in your wallet, you should add a custom token.

Contract address:
Symbol: SCASH
Decimals: 18
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